Friday, May 8, 2009

saddest songs ever... well not really 'ever'

I was reading a new popular blog 'spectrum culture' who did a piece this morning on depressing music, me being a big fan of depressing, sad, self-loathing, music I thought it lacks a little bit of modern indie artist, or maybe I just wanted to throw in my two cents on the subject, in any case heres my current collection of the most depressing songs ever.... ever being posted on Miny Moe, not ever as in of all time...

*also note that these are in no particular order

Elliott Smith - True Love

its hard for me to pick just one depressing song by Elliott because I consider my self to be the worlds biggest Elliott fan ever in the entire world... not counting all his other fans of course. Even tho Iv never even had a drug addiction I still feel like I can contect with this song as if I was jonesing to chase the dragon.

hear it here.

Bright Eyes - The Joy In Forgetting, The Joy In Acceptance

This is about artist that is hard to pick a song from, but If I had too think back to which song I listened to the most while getting completely wasted off of cheap whisky (kessler) in a teenage drunk depression it would be this one.
other good choices would have been: Messenger Bird's Song, Drunk Kid Catholic, It's Cool We Can Still Be Friends, I've Been Eating (For You),

hear it here.

Rose Melberg - Each New Day

This is a misleading title "Each New Day", sounds so positive...

hear it here.

Leonard Cohen - Stranger Song


hear it here.

Magnetic Fields - How Fucking Romantic

How fucking depressing.

hear it here

Ryan Adams - I Taught Myself How to Grow Old

easy tiger, its okay.. you have mandy moore now.

hear it here.

Daniel Johnston - Hate Song


hear it here.

Cat Power - I Found A Reason


hear it here.

Death Cab for Cutie - I Will You Into The Dark


hear it here.

Emily Wells - Supermarket

Not so Obviously, extremely under the radar for the amount of talent. Amazing musician.

*i cant find the full song anywhere...

Rilo Kiley - Ripchord

A tribute that was written about Elliott Smith after his death, I can see that. So was 'It Just Is' which also make sense.

*unfortunately another song i cant find anywhere online... USE YOUR IMAGINATION!!

ps. Media Temple sucks ass, thats why are blog layout looks stupid.

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