Friday, April 3, 2009

Delta Spirit (I know I'm late)

A friend recently turned me onto Delta Spirit, a cool band from San Diego whose songs are rich in melody and passion. They play a kind of alternative/country/blues music, with soulful lyrics. The band hasn't been on a major label, and doesn't really intend on being on one either.

Their album 'Ode to Sunshine' came out last August and is a collection of memorable tunes with a unique style.

I've been told that the band is pretty entertaining live, as the dudes in the band go all out for their performances. I hope to see them some day.

Here's a video of them at the Troubadour.

Check 'em out if you like quirky indie music similar to the Decemberists (but with more energy). They kinda remind me of that band.

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