Monday, March 30, 2009

Great Northern FREE 7" exclusive to Records Store Day

Whats better then a FREE vinyl?
a free vinyl that comes with a free new tote bag to carry it in!

*click flier to see larger version

Great Northern is giving away a free 7" featuring "Houses" and a new song from Great Northern's new album Remind me Where The Light Is "For Weeks" (which is an unreleased track)
exclusive to Record Store Day (April 18th), located in one of the local indie record stores near you!!
and it comes with a new- not yet available to the public, tote bag!!
Not only is the 7" free? but it's limited to 1000!!!

Think this can't get anymore awesome?
It is also hand made and numbered!!!

How can you take advantage of this amazing offer?
Go to any of the record stores listed in the flier above!

so lets recap just so everyone knows the deal,

//April 18th = Record Store Day

//Record Store Day= Free (form one of the many record stores listed in the above flier)

//Free = exclusive hand made/numbered(out of 1000) 7" inch vinyl featuring "House/For Weeks" (for weeks being a unreleased song!) + new tote bag not available anywhere else!!


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