Friday, March 27, 2009

New Obsession: Birds of Tokyo

I saw this band the other day at the Viper Room, and they blew me away. They're from Australia and have an odd name: Birds of Tokyo.

They play aggressive rock with very melodic vocals by the lead singer, Ian Kenny. His stage presence was eccentric, as he clapped along awkwardly with the music until he started singing.

They didn't have any merchandise for sale at the show, so I had to seek out their albums once I returned home. Luckily, their albums are on iTunes. I immediately listened to the debut record, 'Day One'. It was so good I listened to it again all the way through.

I listened to the follow-up album, 'Universes', next, and while it is good, I didn't find it as good as the first album. Maybe it requires more listens to fully appreciate it.

I would say that their stand-out songs are 'Wild Eyed Boy', 'Wayside', and 'Black Sheets', but that will probably change as I listen to them more and more.

Regardless, Birds of Tokyo were a very pleasant surprise the other night at the Viper Room. Their songs are engaging and memorable, and they have a unique rhythm and sound to them, probably due to Kenny's vocals. Some of their songs sound like how I imagine Incubus would have sounded had they not become completely and totally lame.

Check out Birds of Tokyo, and see what you think.

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