Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I wish my life was this awesome.....

I was having a discussion with my roommate last night....and we were discussing how awesome it would be to be Dave Grohl. Just think of the musicians he has worked with in his life. For example,

Kurt Cobain
Paul McCartney (at the Grammy's this week, as well as in Dublin Ireland as Paul's special guest)
Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin (at the Foo Fighters' show at Wembley in London)
Queens of the Stone Age
Tenacious D/Jack Black
Trent Reznor (Dave did some drums for NIN's album 'With Teeth')
The Prodigy (some drum work on their new album 'Invaders Must Die')
Tony Iommi (song with him on Iommi's album_
Lemmy of Motorhead (played shows and collaborate on Dave's metal side project Probot)
Brian May & Roger Taylor of Queen
Norah Jones (collaborated on 'Virginia Moon' off of 2005's album In Your Honor)
Cat Power
Garbage (on a song on the album 'Bleed Like Me')

It's quite a lustrous list of people, huh? You would think that being in the company of Paul McCartney and members of Led Zeppelin like he has would make him have a big ego and be a jerk, but Dave Grohl is one of the most humble superstar rock musicians I have ever seen (and met). It's actually pretty astounding. If I hung out with a Beatle all the time I'd probably have somewhat of a complex, as I would feel pretty damn good about myself.

Back to the question....who could Dave possibly work with next that could equal the names on this list? Whenever the Foo Fighters go on a 'break', Dave just uses that to play drums for all sorts of random albums and artists, and do crazy one-off shows with Beatles or Led Zeppelins or whoever else. It's a pretty cool way to spend your 'downtime'. I wish I was that lucky.

There aren't really any other super legendary rock bands still out there for Dave to work with....Rolling Stones? ehhhh. Aerosmith? very ehhh. U2? hahaha.

How do you top yourself if you're already a master at being awesome?

(if you couldn't tell, Dave is somewhat of my hero....pun intended). aha.

I leave you with this video of Dave smashing the drums with Paul at the Grammy's. awesome.

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