Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jean Paul Yamamoto and Love Grenades

i don't know why bands play there. but, their schedule is booked. Redwood bar & grill is just an old bar on 2nd and hill street in DTLA. dirty and bad sound system. there are people who have been coming to the bar every night for long time. they don't care about music. seems like we are not welcome. they just want to eat french fries, drink lots of beer and get drunk. they were commenting about jean paul when they were figuring out technical difficulties. their comments were nonsense.
after 1 hour of struggling, Lunna was on stage with Daniel Ribiat from "Cinema Strange." Lunna was wearing a kimono and playing the acoustic guitar and singing a very famous Fuji Keiko's song. they improvised 2 songs. after that the J girls came out and they looked very serious as usual. the stage was too tiny they had to dance off the stage. JPY played 2 new songs and Lunna and J girls choreographs looked like "radio taiso" very cute.

after JPY, "Love Grenades" showed up. elizabeth has such charisma and sterling was so cute!
even then there were so many problems technically, they started really quick and sounded good. and their music is so catchy and cool. i LOVE it!! they will be playing @ Echoplex on tuesday! it is worthy of checking out!


Anonymous said...

yes, that's why they have live music every night, because they don't care about music.

Anonymous said...

yes, and even though they play music every night, they some how still cant figure out their live sound setup...
wah wah wahhh