Sunday, November 30, 2008

My new favorite website!

Well...after the Eenie Meenie site of course....!

For any native Angeleno, it goes without saying that despite less than desirable traffic conditions, public transportation is not really the first thing that comes to mind. Ruffling through train, subway and bus schedules (in hand or online) was not the only deterrent; time wise, public transport never seemed to be very attractive. changes all of that. You can plan your trip based on arrival or departure time (what time do you need to get to class? or do you want to leave at 10am?), and enter your starting and ending locations. It gives you options for your route, depending on how many possible ways you can get to your ultimate destination. Noting price, time, and distance traveled, you can pick and choose which route best suits you. Once you decide, nifty little gives you the exact pickup and drop off locations, total time for your trip, total cost, AND if you're lucky, a comparison of how much you spend on fare compared to AAA's estimation of gas cost for the trip. Its amazing!

While it may be a bit difficult for all of us who have relied on our vehicles for countless years to transition to public transportation, its a nice option not only for your wallet but also for Los Angeles, which really doesnt need any added smog or cars on the road. Give it a try on a weekend when you have some time to test it out. You may find yourself more comfortable handing over the wheel to someone else!

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