Thursday, November 20, 2008


goldenboy released their second album "underneath the radio" in 2006 with
eenie meenie records
(their first album "right kind of wrong" with fastmusic records)

this post is to bring to light a song by goldenboy that i feel hasn't gotten the recognition i think it deserved, blackbird at heart.
i was first shown this song by a long time deer friend of mine, check them out:

ha! just kidding..

it was by a dear friend of mine that looks completely nothing like a deer..
just to clear the air...

but i digress, blackbird at heart is another song that i was introduced to by my cool friend on a mix CD. immediately after hearing the song i played it a few more times before continuing to the rest of the mix. being a big fan of elliott smith it is obvious who goldenboy's influences where before checking their myspace page to clarify my speculation. i feel everyone, elliott smith fan or not, should listen to blackbird at heart if youre a fan of mellow & excellently put together pieces of music, which this is.
so do whatever you want, but just try and make one of those things looking up blackbird at heart, i even made a quick little link to their purevolume for you!

thanks pancakes,

goldenboy @ purevolume

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Flavia said...

wow! that DEER friend of your sounds GRAPES!!!! :D blackbird at heart is a lovely song! as is goldenboy! i love the imagery btw. very visually stimulating! anywho, you sound very wise! and you ARE! i like it! :D keep 'em cuming!