Sunday, November 23, 2008

what a fun band!!

it's almost the Thanksgiving weekend. can you believe it?
2008 was tough and very quick. i almost forgot to go to the Of Montreal show tonight.
how can i forget? i am getting too old... maybe.

but i made it!

it was in Hollywood at Palladium, which was renovated by Live Nation who is leasing the venue.

it's great! i really like Hollywood Palladium. i saw so many band there.

when i heard that the Palladium was getting torn down for development, I thought, "Who wants to have another condominium or whole foods rather than a legendary venue?"

anyway, the opening band was HEALTH. OH MY GOD!!! AMAZING noise rock band!
i saw them for the first time, but i knew their BUZZ going. yeah...great band you have to see.

then, Of Montreal on stage @ around 10:45 pm.

wow! they got 5 dancers/performers who enhance the story of the show and 3 screens above the stage to project
visual images.

AWEEEEEEEEEESOME! i can't believe that there are people who don't like them. holy shit, they are the one of the greatest fun bands in my life and they are getting bigger and bigger.
Kevin.... he is such a DIVA!! i don't remember how many times he changed his costumes.
everybody (i am not sure how many people were there. the cap is 4000) was jumping and dancing to all of the songs.
such a amazing fun show!
last 2 encore songs were Franz Ferdinand's "take me out" and Nirvana's "smells like teen spirit"
i think everybody had a great WORKOUT! hahaha.

Of Montreal is the greatest band who knows how to make people dance and sing.
and their merch was amazing... 2 vinylscome with down load coupon and a special horse shaped poster in the gate folder.
their package is always incredible. i think $25 is too cheap!

i really LOVE all of elephant 6 bands. i will write about them another time.

Of Montreal is one of greatest bands ever!!

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