Thursday, November 27, 2008

British Indie Rap is cool!

While I was in London for the first week of 2007, I noticed a big poster for a new album in EVERY Tube (subway) station. At the end of the week, I just bought the CD without having any idea what to expect, merely since I wanted something truly British. The flyer was for the album 'Overtones' by Just Jack (real name Jack Allsopp). When I listened to the album, I was blown away. It was a very wise decision to purchase this album at the Virgin Megastore in London. Allsopp's songs are very catchy, and have nice, tight rhythms. His voice is distinctly British (but not as abrasive as The Streets' Mike Skinner, who has been big in the British white guy rap scene for a few years now).

Jack's album 'Overtones' was not released in the US until months after I bought this one in London, and obviously he has not caused much of a stir yet stateside. That's a shame. He has two albums now, and when 'Overtones' was released in the US, it was with a different, remixed (and much more awesome) version of the song 'No Time', which on the new version is very funky, almost like Jamiroquai. The song 'I Talk Too Much' was re-worked as well, with global pop star Kylie Minogue supplying additional vocals. Hopefully, Allsopp's 2009 album will be the one that breaks him in the US, as he has a great amount of talent, and it would be a shame to see another gem of an album of indie/rap/funk/dance that he produces go unnoticed. This blog serves as your awakening.

Maybe he'll play Coachella in can only hope.

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