Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Want us to lip sync? okay how about this??

For some reason, some European television shows force bands to mimic themselves for "live performances" rather than let the band actually PLAY the music for real. This usually takes the form of the band members lip syncing along with an audio track onstage. This has NEVER really made sense to me, as what's the damn point of having a band stand there and PRETEND to play their music when they're perfectly capable of playing it for real?

Well, Muse recently had to deal with this on some weird Italian show....and judging by the video, they were pissed off by the demands to mimic their own song "Uprising" rather than being allowed to play it for real (what a concept!) The result is....amazing. Matt Bellamy (vocalist) on drums, Christopher Wolstenholme (bass) on guitar/keyboards, and Dominic Howard (drums) on bass/vocals. It's hilarious. Bellamy is the best, as he hits the drums with a ridiculous over-the-top performance. It's great.

Check it out:

I wonder if the tv show people had any idea this was going on...but I doubt it.

Nirvana also did this when they were asked to perform on Top of the Pops, the UK show that also requires bands/artists to mimic their songs instead of actually performing. The video is....well, it's really weird since Kurt sings "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in this really low voice and just stands there. It's obvious he was pissed off and thus he "performed" the song in a really strange manner. Check it out.

I think it's stupid to ask bands to pretend to play their songs...if they're going to be on your show LET THEM PLAY. if you don't, and you book bands like Muse and Nirvana, they will then make your show look stupid for asking that you fake your own song in the first place.

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