Monday, July 6, 2009

I Fear that I was Duped.... :( EDIT: this report was fake due to hackers. I was fooled by Hackers.

I consider myself to be pretty up-to-date with entertainment news....I don't waste my time reading gossip sites and TMZ and all that headache-inducing nonsense, but I would say that I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to breaking entertainment news. That said, I think I may have allowed myself to get played yesterday.....

For some reason I'm on the e-mail list of Tom Green's show (which he currently tapes out of his own house). I haven't watched any episodes of this show, but I sporadically get e-mails from Tom (or his people), and haven't gotten around to unsubscribing from the list.

Anyway, yesterday I received this in my inbox:

This indicated that Tom Green was in a minor car accident and that the three men he hit with his car got out and beat him up, and that Tom was taken to a nearby hospital. I immediately thought 'oh no, another random celebrity death might be happening!', but the weird thing was this story wasn't posted ANYWHERE other than the Official Tom Green e-mail list.

Well, it's now the next morning, and still nothing on therefore it mus be a hoax....which makes sense, as I could see Tom trying to prank people due to the ridiculous amount of fake celebrity death stories that have come out in the past couple weeks in the fallout of MJ dying. That seems like something Tom would do.....

BUT....wouldn't it make more sense to let the story get broken by major news outlets in order to spread the hoax even further? As it is, I doubt a substantial number of people received this email, as opposed to the millions that would probably read the story had it been reported to major news outlets.

Unless Tom & Co. are trying to start a rumor via grassroots word-of-mouth, which might be the case.....either way it's a somewhat effective attempt to poke fun at the whole realm of fake celebrity death stories that have been all over lately.

So I think it's a hoax....not that any of this matters (I mean, who really pays attention to what Tom Green is up to now, anyway?), but it's still me....sorry if it wasn't for you.

If this story is indeed a big ruse...then kudos Tom, you got me.

If by chance this story is true, then it's sad, and I guess I wasn't duped after all. We'll see....

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