Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hope is a Butterfly, No Net Its Captor....

Attention: A new track from RX Bandits has hit the web. The track is entitled "Hope is a Butterfly, No Net Its Captor", and it is streaming on you have to sign up to the band's mailing list to hear the full song, but a clip is also there for anyone who doesn't want to enlist to the email (although you should, in my opinion).

The song is mesmerizing....although at this point, the band could probably record silence for 5 minutes and I'd think it was amazing.....they have become one of my favorite bands over the years, and this track is the first studio version of a song to be released from their upcoming album "Mandala", which should be released around July 14. If you haven't listened to Rx Bandits before, start now. They are a wonderfully visionary band, with complex time changes and incredible melodies. Yes, I know I make them sound amazing, but to me, they are just that.

If you like the new song, check out 'Mandala' when it drops, and in the meantime check out the band's previous albums. It would be a good idea to start with "Progress" and move up to "...And the Battle Begun", to experience the evolving that the band has gone through over the years, from a ska band on Drive-Thru Records to a fiercely independent "groove-tech" (as they call themselves) band.

They're touring with Dredg all summer, with 2 shows at the El Rey in August and a show at the Anaheim House of Blues on July 1. I highly recommend attending a show.

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