Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Any Girls Dream

Today started off as one of those days, nothing special, except for the blazing migraine that awoke me. I thought about how to deal with it best and after popping 3 Tylenols I got out of bed. I went through my whole morning routine, but when it came time for breakfast I just didn’t know what to do. I had cream cheese, syrup, and milk, but nothing to go with them and so I sat there confused for a little bit and instead of pondering my meal options further, I turned to my computer to find some entertainment. Opening up my Safari, I scanned the people.com page that came up. There were the usual articles surrounding the scandals on The Bachelorette and Lindsay Lohan, but what I needed was something more than just a little gossip. I found it. The Dirty Dozen. People’s issue with the hottest bachelor is coming out this week, so they are giving us a preview of some of the options ranging from John Mayer to George Clooney. The pictures and short snippets were interesting enough, but nothing was really catching my eye, until Bret Michaels. First of all, why is he in a group with hot bachelors in the first place? He is weird looking and always has this weird pouting face instead of a smile or looking like a normal person. And second, he is Bret Michaels. I know what you’re all thinking, how could I say such blasphemous things? And now that I think about it, I just don’t know. Of course he belongs in the group. The real question is why are people like George Clooney there? George Clooney doesn’t have a reality show devoted to finding love in which the girls are judged on how big their boobs are, their pole dancing skills, and how well they can arouse someone over the phone. No, Bret Michaels has the ability to make any girl swoon. And I mean any girl. Please observe the picture below: simple enough, Bret surrounded by his many adoring fans. All seems normal and very typical for the Bret Michaels lifestyle, until you look further, into the bottom right corner. And that’s where the “any” truly comes into play. I’ve decided it’s really a dinosaur.

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Kyle said...

I still laugh every time I see this picture. It's so bad though, haha.