Friday, April 24, 2009

Pasty bald men and awesome 'Groove Tech' bands

It's really a shame how far Billy Corgan has tumbled. Not only does he insist on touring as 'Smashing Pumpkins' even though now he is the only person in the band (as drummer Jimmy Chamberlin finally bailed a month or so ago), but he insists on playing mostly 8 minute prog jams in concert and obscure Pumpkins songs that no one cares about, instead of the hits that made the band popular. His level of self-indulgence is both laughable and disparaging. As if that wasn't already enough to make people stop taking him seriously, he is now launching some subscription-based fan club type deal that allows fans exclusive pictures/videos of the "Smashing Pumpkins recording process"...which must mean shots of Billy as he sits in the corner writing lyrics in his there isn't really a band besides him, this seems like nothing but a shameless cash grab for the smattering of SP fans who have stood by Billy and his ego all this time....

Observe....and I hope it doesn't ruin your view of 'Bullet with Butterfly Wings' as it has mine...

In other news, Rx Bandits, one of my favorite bands, is gearing up to release a new album on July 14. While the album doesn't have a name yet, I saw them play some of the new stuff at Chain Reaction back in March and it was amazing...they recently posted a teaser video for the new record on, and it only made me more anxious to hear the new sounds badass. Check it out:

I hope you like what you heard if you weren't already familiar with the Rx Bandits. July 14 can't come soon enough for me.

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