Friday, April 24, 2009


Okay so. Coachella was INCREDIBLE. I, luckily, came across a Friday ticket at the last second and consequently fell into the most amazing musical experience of my life. Not that I didn't fully enjoy rocking out to every other band, but Paul McCartney had me dancing and tears running down my face for 3 hours straight. It was magical. And you know, I was moved. I felt love through that music like I've never felt it before. And I felt inspired. Inspired to show my love through dance and physical interpretation. Now, this is what grinds my gears: what is the deal with people holding back at concerts these days? I mean, I find that I cannot sit still. And, if a band REALLY rocks me (I mean like, I want to shout and dance like I've never danced before), I feel like as a woman, I have something to give back. If you are a woman at a music festival, I feel like you have to be alright with taking your top off for an artist that really blows you away. I mean, come on people! Does anyone remember Woodstock?! Well, for my generation, no, no we don't remember Woodstock. But, what HAPPENED to that mentality of peace, love, rock and roll, and nudity? I mean, if people can't be totally comfortable with their bodies and their community at a music festival, where can they be happy? I say nowhere if not at a festival full of love and peace and music. It's a beautiful thing. I just feel that our social stigmas these days really restrict people from feeling the love that music has to offer. I see so many people who I KNOW are just thinking about really letting go of their inhibitions and letting loose, but don't. WHY?! Oh, it pains me to see these lonely people! I hold it to be true that you CANNOT open your heart to the love of music without first letting go of your body and letting the music take you for a ride. So, the next time you find yourself at a concert and you are REALLY FEELING the vibe, please, please, PLEASE don't hold back, grab the person next to you, give them a kiss, and start DANCING!!! (and girls, don't be afraid to really let loose. you know what I mean). 


peace out.


Adrian G. said...

i hope you know there is a video on the Internetz of a naked guy getting tazed at coachella this past's pretty wild.....i'd post the link but i dunno if the higher-ups want that kind of stuff on here...ahahha

Trish said...

waaaaaah?!!!! dude post it! that's not a racy video, its just the truth. or, just send it to me or something. i have to see this.