Monday, March 23, 2009

robot hand is the future

Strange Parellel
so i guess i figured myself to be a pretty big Elliott Smith fan, 
so you can imagine how stupid i felt when  i found out that there
was this weird documentary about him id never heard of..
"Strange Parallel", which is about a few guys trying to find 
Elliott in Portland and scenes drift in and out of reality- he 
was apparently having a weird dream during the filming of the 
documentary about people around him telling him to but a 
"robot hand" to replace his real and to make him a better musician
so the director told him to write down his dream and they
worked the dream into the documentary,

there where to really funny parts that i especially loved i must mention

first was in a scene where Elliott's being interviewed and guy asked Elliott what it was like to go from being an artist with such a specific fan base to being/playing at the Grammy's and being nominated for a Grammy and he gives a awkward replay
correcting him that it was the Oscar's

and another really cool part with Larry Crane (from Quasi) playing a Theremin to one of Elliott's songs (which i cant remember atm) anywho,

you can see the full
version here...

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