Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Green Day song leaked..........

After my previous blog post about how lame I think the album title and cover are, a new song off the album leaked yesterday......it's....MEH. Green Day seems content to stick with the 'rock opera' theme and thus this song is another grandiose, sprawling five-minute, three-part song that ultimately left me pretty disappointed. Feast your ears on this (until the link is taken off Youtube yet again)

This comes off of their upcoming album '21st Century Breakdown', which is a horrible album and song title, I'd say.

As I stated before, as someone from the East Bay, I have a special love for Green Day, and hopefully this album is a lot better than this song is...if not, it's a shame.

why can't they just write songs about being pissed off and 17 years old??? i know they're like 38 now, but still.

This song is just so.....bland. And the melody in the beginning sounds EXACTLY like this:

same chords, same progression, everything.



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