Sunday, March 1, 2009

soooo there's this blog...
its pretty great, its called "This is why you're fat." and it is all consist of peoples submissions of their disgusting yet delectable items that seem to be of the edible nature.
take a look at some of my personal favorite on trays...

snickers pie

the mega stuffed oreo

& my personal favoritest of faves... the Ultimate Snack Stadium

iv been following it ever since i was introduced to it(.. like two weeks ago?) and at the same time i came across something on the internet that isn't a conventional entry to "This is why you're fat." but i figured id submit my fancy food findings anywho, so...
take a "sneak" peak at what may or may not be published in the next post of "This is why you're fat."

"quarter pounder with style "

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