Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Myspace Ads and their unending idiocy

While perusing Myspace on official Eenie Meenie business, I came across an eye-grabbing browser ad that I ABSOLUTELY had to click on. The image I clicked was the one above. Now, I enjoy humorous references to domestic violence among young hip hop starlets, so I could not turn down the opportunity to click on this and see WTF it was about. Well, it took me to some garbage celebrity gossip site called DailyFill.com. The 'Chris Bites' teaser apparently leads to some story about how Rihanna had neck bruises (hickeys?) back in December, which according to these intrepid reporters must mean Chris Brown was throwing her around back then, instead of just recently.

Among other highlights on the site's headlines:
"The Kids All Want to Dress like Mickey Rourke Now". UM, WHAT? No, they MOST DEFINITELY do not.

This nightmare-inducing image was the thumbnail attached to this 'story'. It looks to me that Mr. Rourke is having an LA identity crisis, and is trying to look like the kids in LA, not the other way around. People dress like this all over Hollywood and So*Cal, and I highly doubt they're trying to cop Mickey's style. Remember, Mickey Rourke was basically dead until 'The Wrestler' came out, and even then, it doesn't strike me as the type of film that millions of high school kids flock to on Friday nights for fashion tips. It may be my bad, though, as I've only been in LA a few months. Maybe it's actually something the youth does here: find the latest fashion trends by modeling themselves after long forgotten, left-for-dead movie stars who have miraculously re-energized their careers. Hmm.

I'm not taking anything away from 'The Wrestler'. It's one of the best movies I've seen all year. It's just weird seeing Mickey dress like he's in Metro Station.

This DailyFill site seems to be a wannabe TMZ site. That means, it chooses to model itself after the absolute lowest-common denominator of LA paparazzi scum. At least DailyFill is aiming high, right?

Other highlights on the page's headlines:

'The Lindsay Lohan Diet: A Big Mac for Lunch, and for Dinner, Puke it up and Start Over'

Ah, Lindsay Lohan. I don't think she's been covered enough by the paparazzi over the years.

Oh, and apparently Miley Cyrus hates little kids. At least her photoshopped thought bubble confirms it.

LA is weird, and DailyFill helps reinforce that sentiment one thousandfold.


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