Friday, December 12, 2008

Rediscovering old loves and finding new ones

Ever get into that mood where you listen to the music that you listened to when you were in your tweens and early teenage years? I know some people still “rock” NSYNC while driving with their friends, but I’m talking about actually sitting down and listening to what you used to listen to. In the past week I’ve rediscovered my love for Savage Garden, they were my favorite band back in the third grade, then all of a sudden, I stopped listening to them and stuck with Green Day. Looking back, yeah I had my boy band phase, but what girl can honestly say that they didn’t love at least one boy band or one song by one of the many that were out there (mine were NSYNC, Dream Street, and 2ge+her)?

The funny part of my revisiting the past is I wasn’t the only one. My friend Jackie, who’s music taste now-a-days has done a complete 180 *cough*Jonas Brothers*cough*, told me that she has rediscovered her love for the Actor, Tom Felton; Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies. Sure, he may be an actor, but she and I grew up with the Harry Potter cast, so of course with the sixth installment about to come out in theaters, how can you not blame her for falling in “love” again?

I guess what got me to look back wasn’t because of Tom Felton, but Ace Enders (The Early November, Ace Enders and A Million Different People). He recently got together with Chris Badami, whom produced The Early November records, and a bunch of his friends in the music industry including Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low), Craig Owens (Chiodos, Cinematic Sunrise), Mark Hoppus (Blink 182, +44), and many more (full list and article here to record a version of The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” with all the proceeds going to VH1’s Save the Music Foundation.

Growing up, “Bittersweet Symphony” was one of my favorite songs and hearing it revived by some of my favorite singers sparked my interest in checking out the other songs and bands I used to love. Right now I can comfortably say, what was I thinking when I liked Dream Street. I mean yeah they had two great songs, “It Happens Every Time” and “Sugar Rush”… but that was it. I believe I was so caught up with thinking Chris Trousdale was extremely good looking and didn’t pay attention to the actual music. Although I think they should have a reunion tour, I would so buy a ticket; I don’t know how I listened to them and saw them perform live so many times.

Like I stated in the first paragraph I rediscovered my love for Savage Garden. I don’t know why I discarded their albums because their music goes with all the dance music I listen to now. It’s kind of strange to think that everything I listened to in the past would somehow be connected to what I listen to now; almost a 6 degrees of separation from Britney Spears to Drop Dead, Gorgeous.
Britney Spears (pop) - All Time Low (pop-punk) – Blink 182 (alt. punk) – Taking Back Sunday (rock/ emo) – The Used (Screamo) – Drop Dead, Gorgeous (hardcore).

The point of this blog, I would say, is that you’re never too old to listen to something that shaped your musical taste into what it is today. Music is music. If you own a Vanilla Ice album, well I say listen to it as loud as you can and sing along to “Ice, Ice Baby” like no one is listening, soon you could have your own party where everyone around you is singing along.


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