Friday, December 12, 2008

Passion Pit winner = Wallpaper.

Last weekend, Wallpaper. won the Passion Pit remix contest for T-Rex Dio Remix. So let's celebrate!

Also in related news, Wallpaper.'s remix album, T REX RMXd, will be out on the 23rd of December. With the help of Andrew Maury (The Remix Company), Bomarr of Restiform Bodies (Anticon), and Gavin Castleton (Five One, Inc), Wallpaper.'s remixes of their popular album provide a newer sound to their award winning style. T REX RMXd will be available on iTunes for $1.99 for the first month.

PS remember that Wallpaper. will be opening for Girl Talk, so if you or your friends are in Vegas on the 29th, be sure to ch-ch-ch-check it out!


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