Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Scissors for Lefty 'Consumption Junction' EP out now on iTunes!!

Scissors for Lefty's new EP 'Consumption Junction' is out now! You can get it on iTunes now, and it will be in stores soon!

The 5-track EP continues where 'Underhanded Romance' left off, with five extremely catchy songs to add to the Scissors repertoire.

The track list:

1. Ornamental
2. Long Distant Love
3. Steve's Song
4. Lighter than a Bullet
5. Consumption Junction

'Ornamental' starts the EP off with a bang, with its bouncy beat and sing-along melody that will surely be stuck in your head for a while!

'Long Distant Love' is a more electronic song, with keyboards, synth, and an overall light, springy beat. More goodness from Scissors.

'Steve's Song' is more subdued, but still catchy and memorable.

'Lighter than a Bullet' will grab you with its garage rock sound and short bursts of energy!

'Consumption Junction' closes the EP. It has a quieter beginning that quickly transforms into the trademark Scissors sound, with more bouncy beats and melodies.

The band says they have many more songs recorded, so look for more new music from them in the near future!

Scroll down in this blog to see pictures from Scissors' EP Release show at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood this past Saturday Nov. 8th!!

Go pick up the EP on iTunes now!!! You won't regret it!

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