Tuesday, November 25, 2008

this is my third post ever on the eenie meenie blog and i want it to be special so i decided not to do it about music, which makes it special how? i dont know.. anywho

i decided to post about "scott campbell"

one of my favorite peices by scott "Pac Man Set #2"

if you search for scott campbell on google you'll find that he's not the only person with his name weird huh?
well disregard all those other scott campbell's and googles results altogether and let me guide you by way of link
scott campbell's blog

i like SC because his paintings are fun and happy, even when its a piece of something or someone being killed or hurt chances are all the characters will still have smiles on their faces. i also think he's good at expressing the feeling of awkwardness but again in a fun loving kind of way. his work is good at lifting my spirits and i hope im not the only one who feels this way.

i got this cool shirt from his galleries site, its called "ninjas all over the place"

you can find his work and other great artists at some of these places
gallery nucleus
g 1988
his web site(its not exactly up so theres not point clicking here)

thanks pancakes!


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