Monday, February 19, 2007

SXSW Eenie Meenie Records getting MAJOR attention on Imeem!

Hello folks!
Our good friends over at Imeem have been kind enough to feature our SXSW playlist on their music page which has helped us earn quite a bit of attention over the weekend.

Also, we've created a page on Virb for the label and all the EMR artists, and we have a COVETED invite to share. As with earlier versions of gmail and tagworld, the only way to create a Virb site now before it launches is to be invited.

One invite to Virb goes to the first person to email me at: and answer this question:

What is the name of Robert Schneider's (the Apples in Stereo) most recent side project?
Hint: they released their record on Eenie Meenie Records (Oct. 2004)

The winner will receive their invite via email in the form of an invite to Virb (so make sure to include the email you use for your primary emails).

In other news, we hear the new Feist record is gearing up to be fantastic, we've included the latest track on our playlist for the day today.

Songs heard in the office today included:


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