Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ice Skating

The very phrase reminds me of Natalie Portman in an alligator costume, but I'm sure to be a whole lot less graceful, hugging the wall tonight at Pershing Square's Spaceland on Ice. I can't even recall the last time I went skating, roller or ice... Although there was a period in 7th grade where my P.E. class would take us to the roller rink every other Friday, where, lucky us, we got to skate around to the sounds of Snoop Dogg and Dre. It was a little like this, with less glitter. (Quite enlightening for someone raised on The Kinks.)

So hooray for skating to Great Northern and The Submarines instead! I got the Soft Songs LP by Jack Drag off a friend about a year ago and then was introduced to The Submarines just a few months ago, without realizing for awhile that he was in it. He and Blake Hazard were actually divorced and got back together, so the album's lyrics can almost make you cry, even though there was a happy ending.

Great Northern's music is so atmospheric, I imagine there will be some pretty euphoric gliding going on. (...Around me, as I fall.) Looking forward to it!

Damn, I forgot my scarf.

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