Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Almost in the violet...

If you haven't made your way over to yet, I think it's about time you do.
Go ahead, we'll wait.
It's a place where you can share your digital music collection with other music lovers and musicians. Ben Gibbard is a user and no need to ask: YES it's actually him. Mog has a policy that you cannot set up profiles for "known bands" of which you're not a member. They verify everything. So when you write a message to David Lowery, yes, you're writing to the Camper Van Beethoven/Cracker David Lowery. It's like the way myspace was before it got HUGE. When we used to be able to chat with Dane Cook and get comments from the Lostprophets. Dang it. Don't you hate that?

Well I'm here to help ruin Mog so head on over there and show off the tunes in your iPod. But beware: Mog-O-Matic makes public EVERYTHING in your Itunes collection. In other words, if you're harbouring a secret Lionel Richie folder or if you like to hear a little Winger every now and again - the world will know if you leave it in your Itunes. Also, you can create your own widgets, so get creative. Search Mogs Like Me to find other people in the same town or with the same musical taste. I've heard that people have even found rides to shows this way. Hey, if you're both going to the show anyway, better two people in one car. It can help you save some money and the environment. But be careful, I wouldn't ask "D&D Master of Mayhem" for a ride unless you know him IRL. And no one does.

When you become a Mogger, look us up: and make us your trusted friend. Why trust us? There are several reasons all listed on our page. We're trying to move our Mog Meter Status up from Below the Radar into a more respectable range (in the violet) so help a mogger out.

Songs heard in the office today included:

Stargazer, Siouxsie and the Banshees
Words Make You Tired, Headlights
Free Money, Patti Smith

Suck, Nine Inch Nails
Blackbird at Heart, Goldenboy
Man in a Suitcase, The Police
Beautiful Ways, Pat McGee Band
Country Girl, Ray Lamontagne
All of a Sudden, Run Run Run
Scared, Albert Hammond Jr.


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