Monday, December 21, 2009

I hate Hollywood sometimes

A couple years back I saw a delightful British comedy called Death at a Funeral. It was an offbeat tale of a bunch of odd people and the catastrophes that happened at their father's was distinctly British, with the same type of humor I love (and some people in the US just don't appreciate). The film seemed to slip under almost everyone's radar here in the US, which was sad.

Yesterday, at the movie theater waiting for Up in the Air to start, I saw a trailer that made me uncomfortable. It opened with Chris Rock at a funeral for his father, but it wasn't his dad in the coffin! This seemed familiar because this was, in fact, A REMAKE OF DEATH AT A FUNERAL. Starring Rock, Martin Lawrence (ugh), Danny Glover, Tracy Morgan and Jason Marsden. Oh, and the little person who was in the original film is the same actor this time around, the guy who was also in Nip/Tuck. And what the HELL is Luke Wilson doing in this mess??

Words couldn't express my confusion as the trailer continued. Why did someone think it necessary to re-make Death at a Funeral? There's NO reason to do that, let alone junk it up with Martin Lawrence and his nonsense. This just made me sad. While this version will probably do well because of the names attached to it, I wish people could just have seen the original, vastly superior British version....or just LEARN TO APPRECIATE BRITISH HUMOR. Gah.

I feel sick now. =/

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ivystoikk said...

hi! I just wanted to say that I LOVE Death at a Funeral. Possibly one of my favorite films. I am definitely upset that there is a remake coming out, that is just unnecessary. But I just wanted you to know that you are not alone in liking this great British film!