Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I don't get classical music

I'm not much for classical music, but I do appreciate it and its influence on other genres over the years.

This particular 'piece' is just.....weird.

I like its simplicity and how it probably is trying to say something fancy about the power of performed music or something like that, but it's just...weird to call this a 'piece' and be all excited about how powerful it is or whatever. I think it's unique, at least.

I saw Andrew W.K. perform last week at the Largo in LA with a string quartet, and he and the band attempted their own version of 4'33"....check it out:

Pretty funny, what with all the kids on stage confused about what was going on....

so yeah, 4'33" is interesting, but I'm not so sure I "get" it.

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info said...

I haven't analyzed 4'33" but I would harken back to a quote by its composer, John Cage, who once said (paraphrasing) that the most fundamental parameter of music is time, because it's the only parameter that continues during the silence. That's where I'd start looking for musical meaning.