Friday, September 4, 2009

Yikes! this would be NO FUN

Remember the movie 'Memento', where Guy Pearce had to write everything down on notepads because he had retrograde amnesia or something? It looked pretty intense, and would be a pretty annoying way to have to live. Benjaman Kyle. I came across this Wikipedia page today and it's fascinating and sad. As it says in the article,

Around 6 a.m. on August 31, 2004, a man now living under the name Benjaman Kyle was discovered behind a Burger King at the intersection of Interstate 95 and Hwy 17 in Richmond Hill, Virginia. He was found by the managers of the restaurant lying on the ground inside the brick wall enclosing the Burger King dumpsters, in a space between the dumpsters that is accessed by a walk-though used for trash disposal. Kyle was badly beaten, unconscious, naked, and covered with red ant bites. Initially, he was known as BK because he was discovered on the premises of a Burger King. Since then, he has chosen to live under the name Benjaman Kyle and insists that his real first name is Benjaman.

If you read the rest of the article, it sounds super intense....the government people can't figure out his identity, since he doesn't have an ID and can't remember his Social Security Number. He just has vague remembrances of random things, but apparently nothing that can help them figure out who he really is.

This sounds so would be very tough being this guy....but it makes me wonder, what the hell was going on before he woke up that he was found naked, beaten and covered in ant bites behind a Burger King? It must be pretty weird to know that something like that happened to you but have NO RECOLLECTION of anything leading up to it.


thanks to the people who found this on the Internetz.....

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