Monday, August 3, 2009

My Dream Bike

When I was little all I wanted in the world was a Barbie car. My parents refused my wishes every year saying it was unsafe because we lived on a hill. Since then, I have asked for a Barbie car every year for my birthday and Hanukah. Unfortunately, they still believe that I don’t need it. But wouldn’t it be cool to ride around campus in a Barbie car? I think it would be. But since my parents are unwilling to get me one and I don’t want to pay for it, I asked if they would be willing to buy me a bicycle. Everyone on campus has a bike so it makes sense that I should have one too. They agreed, saying that if I wanted a bike all I had to do was call and okay it with them before I bought it. Well, after going all year and summer without a bike I finally decided I was tired of walking all the way across campus so I went on a journey to Target, looking for my dream bike. And I found it!

Barbie bikes are too small because they come in a box, but this is just my size (almost) and it’s beautiful!

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