Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Everything on Facebook is True

My boredom usually evolves into me baking something, but sometimes I am a little too lazy for that and just end up taking Facebook quizzes. I don’t post my results because I don’t like to bog down other people’s news feeds with results to quizzes they don’t care about, but I do like to keep track of my results for my own personal entertainment. I recently sat down and took some quizzes that I thought would be fun and I learned something: Facebook quiz results are always right. Facebook informed me that…
1. I live in the ghetto (True. I live right off USC campus.)
2. I am 70% black (who is gonna argue this one, it’s obvious)
3. I am 100% OCD (yes, as a child I organized my blocks instead of playing with them)

I had gained so much confidence in Facebook that I thought I should take some more quizzes so I clicked on “Which Decade Fits Your Personality Best?”. I thought for sure I would get my result as the 80s because I am obsessed with the movies, clothes, and music but when I got my result back it said 50s. I was a little surprised but then I got an IM from a friend saying he had a picture to show me because it reminded him of me.

Facebook is always right.

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