Wednesday, July 8, 2009


"A purveyor of exotic sausages"

One Friday evening when I was in downtown taking some photos of some friends for a project in the arts district, I stumbled across this magical place. We were driving back to the freeway when we noticed a huge line. When I saw the name of the place, Wurstküche, I realized it was this place my other friend had told me about a few weeks back. Except he was completely butchering the name and pronouncing it most inappropriately.

It being a Friday night in downtown, parking was impossible. It took us about 20 min to find a spot and it was about 4 blocks away. After finally arriving to the line, we waited about 30 min in line and then got to order. Being famous for their extensive menu of exotic sausages, I was still being plain old me and got the simplest thing on the menu; the bratwurst. So just to get an idea of how exotic their menu is, it ranges from rattlesnake & rabbit sausages to alligator & pork sausages. (Once I tasted the rattlesnake & rabbit sausage and it surprisingly wasn't so bad, just a bit spicy). Once we ordered, we got our order numbers and walked down a long hall to the back of the building where the seating area was.

This place, being of German roots, also carries a vast selection of draft and bottled beers. They even serve liters of beer just like at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich. It was definitely like a beergarden when we got inside except hipsterized Though the inside is pretty small, they still had the long tables with benches and a tiny outside seating area that could only fit about 15 people. It was really dark when we walked into the eating area and the DJ was blasting music. The place was packed. We stood and looked for a spot to sit for a while and then finally spotted a place where the four of us could squeeze in. We only waited about 10 min before they brought us our food. We were definitely pleased with our meals. The place is so good!! We definitely felt a little addicted afterwards. The whole vibe of the place was fun. It had good music, fun people, and great food and drinks!

I feel kinda weird for writing a blog about this one food place, but its so good! (and I'm sorry to all the vegetarians that read this!) Me being 50% German, this place was a great find. So I definitely recommend this place!

Here's the link; check it out!

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