Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wow This is Ridiculous

I've heard so much in the past year or so about such and such band copying so and so....Joe Satriani vs. Coldplay, Weezer vs. Asher Roth, etc. Most of the time, the accused copier's song just sounds eerily similar, instead of being blatant thievery.

Well, this isn't the case of the new story I just read about Clipse vs. Geggy Tah. Don't remember who Geggy Tah was? That's okay, no one really cared about them in 1996. Their song "Whoever You Are" is pretty good, and is the song Clipse (and Pharrell Williams) ripped off here. Compare:

and here's the new song by Clipse that basically does a lot more than 'borrow' from "Whoever You Are".

This is pretty bad, and I hope Clipse gets sued a lot if they plan on releasing this song as a single or something. It's such a blatant rip off of "Whoever You Are". Wow.

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