Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jack White Never Stops

Man, Jack White is EVERYWHERE. I haven't really been a huge White Stripes fan, but I dig their music.....well, everyone knows he also is in the Raconteurs, which is a pretty solid band itself. Now he's also in this weird new band The Dead Weather, in which he plays drums (I think)....well, in his quest to be the most tireless rock star not named Dave Grohl, Jack is going to be in a documentary soon, called "It Might Get Loud". I just saw a preview of this movie last week while seeing the movie "Moon", and it looks pretty neat.

Basically, "It Might Get Loud" is a documentary about the history and evolution of the electric focuses on Jack,

Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and.......

The Edge from U2. I understand Jack and Jimmy being in the movie, since Jimmy Page was in LED ZEPPELIN and he's a legend and all that, and Jack White is pretty much one of the leading guitarists/rock innovators out today, but The Edge? He's made a 25-year career off of laying into the effects pedals, with the SAME FREAKIN GUITAR SOUND the entire time....pretty much the antithesis of evolution....I don't mean to diss him too much, but he isn't quite of the same pedigree as other "classic" guitarists..I guess it's okay if they're going to discuss The Edge in terms of his style of guitar, which is different from Jimmy Page and Jack in that regard it makes some sense.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to "It Might Get Loud", but based on what I saw on the preview, I think they should have invested time in a different guitarist besides the Edge....but whatever.

And yeah, Jack White seems to be everywhere. That WAS the main point of this blog, until it devolved into shameless Edge-bashing. Oh well.

Go listen to the Raconteurs. I am right now.

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