Thursday, July 23, 2009

Corruption, lies and...... Rabbis?

While I am, and have been for some time now, a California resident, I like to stay aware of the latest news of my home city of New York. As I was reading the latest stories on the NY Times website, I found this story on the recent corruption scandal involving 30 people in both New Jersey and New York, included in the scandal were two mayors of New Jersey, two state assemblymen and .... 5 RABBIS!!!!!! I realize some might not see this as such a big deal but I could not stop laughing from the moment I read this ( granted I do have what some may call an odd sense of humor). 
Rabbis! Rabbis! of all people! These are men who have committed their lives to good, the light side! and now they are being arrested. Think this is as bad as it gets? no, no, no. Apparently, one of the rabbis involved in this sweep was discovered to have lured vulnerable people to give up one of their kidney for $10,000 and then sell that same kidney for $160,000!  At this moment, I could not contain myself any longer and almost cried laughing. Is this really what the world has come to? God's people are being arrested for such acts. 
Now I was always brought up in a Christian home and still maintain my beliefs, even though I don't go to church as often as I should, but with rabbis in jail for corruption, priests in jail for child molestation, monks burning themselves, Mormons creating there own little world of incest and countless other examples I can understand how some may question religion. On that note, here are some pictures.



No idea why but this last picture got me laughing the hardest. I know I need help.

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