Monday, June 22, 2009 - where the entirely useful meet the completely useless

I consider myself a bit of a nerd; I accept and embrace it, but even some things are just too unacceptably nerdy.

I bought my Dad something from for Father's day a while back and since then they send me their catalog every now and then. I was looking through their latest catalog and it struck me that they have incredibly useless stuff (duh!) right next to incredibly useful stuff. It's not exactly a surprise, I guess, but the disparity for some reason amused me very much.

First, the useful stuff:
"Hydrokinetic Adjustable Wrench"
You can adjust it to ANY size.

"Auto LED"
Do you have a flashlight in your car? I know I don't... but I should!

Now for the incredibly useless stuff:
You know those bean bag chairs? Well here's one for... your cell phone! Uh huh. Cool.

Iron Greaves
For whatever reason I COULD NOT find these on the website (probably because they realized no one would EVER buy them). I kid you not, though, in their catalog they had real iron greaves... obviously to go with that full suit of armor that you keep in your garage... which you wear when you play W.O.W. or D&D. Right. Of course.

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