Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Punch Out Game

My mother likes to text me from time to time just to tell me little life lessons. Most of them say "be safe" or "don't forget to get gas" but some go beyond the usual lessons. For example, the one I got today read "Don't sext. It's a felony". I was curious. Where did my mother come across this thrilling bit of information? The answer: Dr. Phil. I love Dr. Phil. He provides my mother with wise life lessons that she always likes to send on to me. What my mother failed to warn me against is the apparent new teen sensation called "the punch out game" in which teens punch each other repeatedly for fun. My intrigue into the subject caused me to watch the Dr. Phil show for myself. I discovered that these "hip teens" even get their parents and grandparents to agree to punch them. Sounds like a fun time. What's not to love about a little brain damage? Moral of the story: Don't Sext.

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Kyle said...

wow, that's so hip.