Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monolith Festival

The other day I was looking around for some concerts to go to and I came across this music festival called Monolith Festival in Morrison, Colorado. This looks like an amazingggg festival! It has one of the best line ups I have ever seen. It takes place on September 12th and 13th. Single day tickets are about $60 and 2-day passes are about $110. Not bad at ALL; half the price of coachella.

And what makes it really cool is that the venue is literally out in the middle of the desert next to those giant red rocks that Colorado is known for. Some of the bands lined up are mstrkfrt (AMAZING live), of montreal (possibly the best performers I have ever seen), m. ward, chromeo, phoenix, passion pit, starf*cker (an awesome band from portland), and the dandy warhols (one of my all time favorite bands). I really wish this was in California. I want to go so badly. I'm seriously thinking about taking a road trip to Colorado just for this festival. It's only 1000 miles...

Here's a link for the festival. Take a look!


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