Friday, May 15, 2009

You should listen to Closure in Moscow

Yep. Time for another blog wherein I tell you about a band you're probably not listening to but should. This time up: Closure in Moscow. 

This Australian band is really cool. I went to the Bamboozle Festival last month, and watched them merely due to their odd name. I had no clue what to expect, but was captivated by the bizarre name enough to go out of my way to watch. And I was impressed. Upon first listen, it's fairly obvious that they REALLY like Mars Volta, as the singer's voice is as high and he sings in a similar fashion. They also, to me, sound a bit like Coheed and Cambria at times (but less annoying). It's interesting that I like them so much, considering I don't really care for Coheed or Mars Volta. Closure in Moscow, though, I like.

Their album 'First Temple' just came out on Cinco de Mayo, and I got the last (or only?) copy of it at Amoeba on Sunset. The album is addictive. Each song transitions into the next really well, and the melodies come back to my head from time to time. Songs such as "Sweet#Hart" and "Reindeer Age" are very powerful, and "Sweet#Hart" especially has an extremely catchy vocal hook that makes the song one of the album's highlights. 

There's even a creepy atmospheric interlude, "Permafrost", in which singer Chris de Cinque provides haunting vocals that provide the album with a nice break from the frenetic guitar work and constantly-changing rhythms that are the band's signature sound.

So to recap, I was blown away by their short 25 minute performance at Bamboozle, so I had to buy the album when it came out. The band has a fantastic, well-crafted sound, and I really want to see them live again. 

If you haven't heard of them yet, check 'em out. If you like Mars Volta, check them out as well. If you don't like Mars Volta, check them out anyway. Hell, I don't like MV and I LOVE Closure in Moscow. 

Here's their music video:

And they even made a track that makes fun of brokeNCYDE....which instantly makes them EVEN BETTER. ahha.
 Listen to it here. It's called "Wonkacyde".

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