Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blink's back, for better or worse....

Like millions of other people out there, I listened to Blink 182 religiously during high school. Naturally, then, I've viewed their 'reunion' with glee ever since word broke about it a few months back. That said, I saw them a couple times on tour, and part of the fun of a Blink 182 show is how messy they sound. Tom can't really sing very well, and the guitar is all over the place. 

Watching their performance last night on Leno, it's good to see that little has changed. It's funny hearing 37-year old Mark Hoppus singing about Warped Tour, but that's okay. It still seems like Tom doesn't want to be here, and that Mark and Travis needed to convince him ($$$ goes a long way) to abandon his U2-copping synth new wave pop of Angels and Airwaves and revert back to singing about poop and high school girls. He apparently still has the emo hair, however. 

Blink 182's upcoming ridiculous tour with Weezer, Fall Out Boy, and a revolving cast of Panic at the Disco/All American Rejects/Asher Roth/whoever else should be fun, especially if Blink sounds as vintage (read: sloppy) as they did in their heyday. And even better considering tickets will be only $20 for lawn....which is a great price to witness such an (in my mind) silly tour. 

But hell, it's great that they decided to stay together for the kids... (har har har, overused Blink jokes!) Angels and Airwaves/+44 were both pretty weak.....whereas Blink provides nostalgia to millions of kids around the country...or millions of people in their early twenties....(damn, really? we're old now....wow).

Here's a vid from Leno, in all its splendor: