Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Unicorns, ESPN, and the return of Scott Stapp......???

I guess it was inevitable. With all these random bands getting back together (Limp Bizkit, Blink 182, 4/5 of Soundgarden) it was only a matter of time......
brace yourselves....apparently, Creed, everyone's favorite hated band, is re-forming. I guess Scott Stapp's anger management/DUI ticket charges are too much for him to handle in this recession, so he decided to re-form the pompous Christian clan. Sigh....

I mean, it was entertaining to read that article a few years ago about how Creed fans were tryng to sue the band for Stapp being belligerently drunk onstage and falling down/forgetting lyrics to his own stupid songs. That was good for some laughs....then he got in a fight at a hotel bar with 311, the reggae/rock band from LA comprised mostly of mild-mannered stoners. Stapp was clearly riding high. 

I guess with his solo album in $.50 bins across the country, he needed a way to re-inflate his checking account.....but who will go see a Creed tour or buy another album? Can Creed fans REALLY EXIST at this point? It's a frightening thought, really. I guess no one cared enough about Alter Bridge, huh? wow. 

In other news.....I saw the most incredible use of the Internet EVER last night. Apparently, someone hacked (or tweaked) ESPN.com.....for a brief amount of time, if someone typed the "Konami Code" (for non-video game freaks, it is 
UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT RIGHT, B, A, and the Enter key), the screen would become littered with colorful unicorn pictures. 

Who knows why this was done, but it was truly AMAZING. How anyone figured this out in the first place is ridiculous(ly awesome). Here's a screen cap I took when I got it to work:

How totally absurd is that? hahahah


Wicked Celtics said...

You holier than thou writer-smart brainy readin' types are all the same. You can't see the awesome buttrock for all the grandiose Christ-like posturing! Geez.

This happens to be the BEST news I’ve ever heard…in my entire life. The one band that actually improved people’s lives by giving them a second Christ to look up to and give true hope that life can be worth living! Scott Stapp will be remembered as the songwriter of our generation, not to mention easily the best SHOW of our Millenia! Even his National Anthem soars skyscraper-height over Aretha’s inaugural rendition! I love Aretha, who doesn’t, but Scott dominates... and we should bestow upon him the honor and rock-god glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

Wicked Celtics
“Wicked C” if ya nasty

Anonymous said...

Wow....just happened by. Pretentious much?