Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a not-so-square game

Time to remember back to the good ole glory days of summer camp.  For most, when summer camp comes to mind you think of arts and crafts, summer friendships, sneaking into the girl's (or boy's) camp, swimming in a disgusting lake.  BUT for me... it was all about the Four Square.  For those of you with sheltered childhoods I have decided to let you in on the dirty little secret known by most as "Four Square"

Four Square is a simple game played between four players on a square court divided into quadrants.   The objective of the game is to advance yourself by eliminating other players (athletes?) in the game.

The ball is bounced from one square to another and players are eliminated for hitting the ball incorrectly or committing other such errors.  Once at the highest ranking square, a player scores points and is the server to start the next round.  Any number of players may wait in a line outside the court for their turn to play.

Errors For Elimination
  • A player hits the ball out of bounds or onto a line between squares.
  • A player lets the ball bounce more than once in their square.
  • A player fails to hit the ball properly into another player's square.
  • A player hits the ball more than once before returning it to another square.
  • A player strikes the ball incorrectly, such as carrying or holding.
  • A player violates a special rule invoked by the server.

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