Monday, March 9, 2009

Street Fighter the Legend of Chung Li

so i and another 2 lucky few, where able to see Street Fighter the Legend of Chung Li 
(not just because Watchmen was sold out *Cough *Cough)
i was the only one lucky enough to stay awake through out the entire film..
but anywho i cant lie i was alittle excited to see Kristin Kreuk do some sweet Chung Li kicks

but all my anticipation was in vein... i have no idea how i stayed awake throughout the entire thing.. first of all the acting was soooo god awful every time  Chris Klein would strut into a scene i would cringe imagining what retarded one liner he was going to puke up and top off with deep off camera stare..

here witness it for yourself.. 
well imagine that times like 24, ugh...

then you start to think "well atleast Kristen Kreuk is good and hot" 
she looked terrible in this movie, she looked like she was aging badly or as if she was doing alittle bit of crack cocaine on set, her complexion, wardrobe (nothing sexy)
super lame

and unfortunately the story had to be the weakest point of all this mess, you really have to assume whats going on the in every scene and each scene would jump from one place to another without explanation, hmm for example in the beginning of the movie Chung Li comes home from one of her piano concerts, oh? you didnt know! yeah Chung Li is a concert pianist, duh anywho.. yeah she comes home and says hi to her mom who for some reason is dying of cancer? when the did that happen? and the next day she moves away to live on the streets of Bangkok (from perviously living in a mansion in San Francisco) and never cares to let old dying mom know, "sorry mom cant say good by too busy throwing away my life to live on the streets, you know how it is..."

graphics sucks super duper too, theres a few scenes where Chung Li and Gen have 
to what appeared to be glowing energy balls they shoot from their hands
(very similar to ryu Hadouken)

it looked very obviously under budget...

i duno... i think the only decent part of the movie was the physical fighting

besides that the cast/costumes i found very lame but i really didnt except them to
dress up like the characters in the game, i just wanted them too

plus none of the good character where even in the movie, Ryu was only mentioned ONCE in the end as a set up to a sequel, good look getting paid to do that one..

Nash OUT

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