Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good Music Heads-Up: Pebaluna

My latest musical discovery is a young singer/songwriter named Lauren Coleman. I went to see Rx Bandits Sunday night at Chain reaction in Anaheim, and she opened the show as her stage name Pebaluna. Armed with just what looked like a ukulele, Coleman filled the room with powerful melodies and a great personality. She's worked with Matt Embree of the Rx Bandits a lot, and I think she's on Embree's label.

Anyway, her songs are well-crafted pop tunes about relationships and dance parties on Penguin Island (to name a few topics). Her voice is very impressive, as it complements her songs perfectly. Some of her lyrics reminded me of a female Jason Mraz, with clever wordplay and humor injected into her tunes. I bought her new EP after the show, and a couple of the songs on the disc she played at the show. Others she played aren't on the disc, so she must have some more in her catalog that will hopefully see the light of day.

I hope more people are able to give Coleman a chance and hear what she has done, as I think she's better than a lot of the female indie/iPod commercial girl and guitar acts that are all over the music scene today. I was impressed with what I saw on Sunday night.

Here's another picture from the show, when Embree helped her on the last song of the set.

Oh, and here are two videos i shot of her set as well.

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