Friday, March 20, 2009

the Coolest Person Ever

Yeah, so I figured out who is the best person to ever live. He's still alive, too.

No, not Joel Madden from Good Charlotte. Not Mark McGrath either.

So who is it? Crispin Glover.

Know who he is? No? How about.....

now? He played George McFly in 'Back to the Future'.

Since then, he's gone on to be in more and more bizarre, off-the-cuff things (except Charlie's Angels).

Weird things such as the 'movie' he made called, appropriately, 'What Is It?', which I saw at the Sundance Film Festival in 2005.....check out the trailer (WARNING: REALLY WEIRD, so i'm only attaching the link, not embedding the video....)


WTF, am I right? Yeah....he did a Q&A session after the screening and everyone in the theater was totally disoriented and confused.....then I took a pic with him:

It didn't really seem like he knew what was going on, but I did. Hence the cool and odd picture.

Anyway, he apparently released an album in 1989 of some spoken-word stuff (reading from some random old book) and some 'songs'....such as 'Clowny Clown Clown'...MUSIC VIDEO HERE!!

Yeah.....someone should cover that song on American Idol.....

there are other weird videos of Crispin on YouTube such as when he went on Letterman in what appeared to be some drug's pretty entertaining/bizarre as well.

I just stumbled upon this video as well.....Crispin reading children's nursery rhymes!!


so as you can see, Crispin Glover is pretty damn weird, but in my mind that makes him amazing. It's really interesting how he produces so much weird stuff on his own (the album and the 'What Is It' film) yet also acts in big-budget motion pictures, such as Charlie's Angels and Epic Movie, when he plays Willy Wonka in a rather perverted style.....

he has become one of my favorite actors, due to his I hope you pay attention to his strange and amazingly captivating career from here on out.......

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