Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tinted Windows- best music EVER???/

k maybe not. But regardless, the amazingly strange power pop supergroup comprised of James Iha, Taylor Hanson, Adam something from Fountains of Wayne and the drummer from Cheap Trick has released some music finally!

As soon as I heard about this ridiculous band last week, I was extremely curious what they sounded like. Would the songs be as infectious and (some would say, irritating) as 'Mmbop'? Would they be distorted and grungy like Iha's old band? Would they already be hits in Japan (ala Cheap Trick?) or would they be about some kid's sexy mom (Fountains of Wayne)???? So many questions.

Thanks to the people at Stereogum, there is now a neat little promotional video of Tinted Windows featuring some songs....the results are as expected.

'Kind of a Girl' is pretty freakin' catchy, and is basically what I expected this group to sound like. Overproduced and complete with Taylor singing 'whoa oo whoa' in his customary high-pitched voice.

Just watch this video and see if it matched your expectations as well.

I still hope they get added to Coachella, it would make for quite a spectacle.....indie kids unite!!!

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