Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The End of the World is upon us.....

Ok. I consider myself to be VERY open to all different types of music, but something distressing is happening in the mainstream music arena of today. Some of the most empty, vapid wastes of effort are getting praise and attention for absolutely no redeeming qualities WHATSOEVER. First up: Lil' Wayne. For some reason, 'Weezy' is considered to be a 'genius' by many, including the elitist indie bloggers at Pitchfork.....his album "Tha Carter III" is nominated for every Grammy this year, despite its lack of anything worthwhile. His 'flow' sounds like he's drunk and slurring his words into an unintelligible mush, but somehow lots of people like it.

Well, it gets worse. Lil Wayne's next endeavor is a 'rock' album. While that sounds horrendous enough, the leaked songs that have made their way to the Internet demonstrate an even lower quality than was previously expected. Behold:

gag. and he has another new leaked track in which he copies the lyrics from Green Day's "Basket Case" to the same insipid, bland 'rock' track in the background. If this sells a ton of records and is as big as hit as the Carter, I may resort to moving to the moon.

But I have recently stumbled upon something even WORSE than that. This is without a doubt, the single-worst thing I have ever heard in my entire life. EVER. I'd be hard-pressed to find anything with less going for it than this song/group, and the fact that this group, brokeNCYDE, will be on the entire Warped Tour this summer makes me consider skipping it this time (I've gone each year since 2001). Watch this (if you dare) but don't say i didn't warn you:

Someone please, explain to me the merits of this. They've taken the lowest-common denominator (crunk rap) and combined it with emo kids....the result is something that hurts the brain to watch. I want to know who got this green-lit, and why it's getting ANY attention at all.....yet the group is at Bamboozle Left this April in So*cal, and the aforementioned Warped Tour.

how are things like this popular with anyone? What happened to good music? I can only hope that people somehow realize that this sort of trash is killing music. brokeNCYDE isn't a joke, yet it would be so much better if it was a joke....the fact that this is intended as a straightforward type of 'music' makes it that much more insulting. I weep for the future.


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christopher said...

lil wayne rock songs are soooooo bad