Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Somebody stop him!

Unlike everyone else in the United States, I don't see what's so freakin special about Lil' Wayne....he mumbles about cars and girls (ooh, there are some creative topics!) and poses with stacks of money, yet he and his album Tha Carter III are considered 'genius', with even the indie pop elitists at Pitchfork having a love affair with the disc.

He's nominated for about 35 Grammy's this year, and is basically the hottest artist out there right now...despite hit singles like 'Lollipop' which is little other than a typical, sexually-charged mainstream rap song.

Despite all the baseness of Lil' Wayne's 'music' and lack of artistic creativity, he somehow is on everyone's hot list right now....and it's only going to get worse.

He is releasing a 'rock album' later this spring.....while that concept should probably cause people to suffer convulsions and painful headaches, apparently some people think it's a good idea.

Here is a link of what is supposedly the new single, 'Prom Queen'....this video will undoubtedly be taken down off YouTube, so check it out when you can. If you dare, that is.

Sigh.....I just don't get Lil' Wayne, and probably never will.

But if his 'rock album' does indeed continue his streak of success, then perhaps he can do a remix ft MC Phoenix? One can only hope....

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