Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Saturday Night Live to get more indie cred

Yet more Fleet Foxes news! Now that this hushed Seattle band has a stranglehold on most indie blogs/websites/consciousnesses, they will make an appearance on Saturday Night Live this upcoming Saturday the 17th. This is probably some attempt by SNL to get hip with the indie kids, and it will probably work. The hype for Fleet Foxes is still riding high....lead singer Robin Pecknold was named 'Voice of 2008' by SPIN Magazine, whatever that means.....they're also playing at Coachella in April, so many a hip, in-the-know indie music aficionado will likely be in attendance.
Rosario Dawson is hosting this edition of SNL, so tune in. Or not, it's entirely your call. If you want to find out what all this ridiculous buzz is about the Foxes, then tune in. They're playing what I declare their BEST SONG, 'Mykonos', which isn't even on their full-length cd. It's on the EP 'Sun Giant' instead....but it "rocks", I guess as much as a hushed, vocal-harmony-centric song with a team vocal breakdown CAN rock.
At any rate, tune in if you're curious about the band's newfound super popularity. They're on SubPop Records, based in Seattle....I seem to remember another Sub Pop band back in the day (oh, I think like 1993 or so) who went on SNL and made a name for themselves....I think their singer was named Kurdt or something.......hmm.

oh. This isn't 'Mykonos', but it's a video I shot of Fleet Foxes playing a song at the El Rey in LA back in October....check it out for a sample of what to expect.

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